I created A Different Drum back in 2013. I wanted to bring awareness to ADD without hyperactivity. And then I just let the website sit for half a decade with no new activity. My memory and condition actually worsened over time. Fast forward to 2018, I get diagnosed with Lyme disease after over 10 years of mysterious symptoms. This is a major discovery for me as it would mean different paths to treatments and recovery.

In my early 20s I got diagnosed with the inattentive type of ADD. I remember having ADD symptoms since I was very young (from as early as 4 years, but no later than age 6.) A question that comes to mind is, “Why did it take so long to get a diagnosis?” Part of the reason is that ADD is a (more) private problem, not a (relatively) public problem like ADHD, and therefore it does not get the same publicity. The concerns associated with ADD without hyperactivity tend to be internal instead of external so they may go unnoticed for years.

The inspiration behind A Different Drum

The website title A Different Drum is a double play on words merging the attention deficit disorder acronym with the connotations of sluggish cognitive tempo. It is inspired by the famous Henry David Thoreau quote from his 1854 reflective work Walden. The title has neurodiversity movement undertones in that ADD and its various subtypes should be seen as a difference rather than a deficit.

The value of my opinions

“An opinion without 3.14159 is just an onion.” 1

My interpretation of this quote is that opinions without scientific weight are less significant but still important. For this reason, I will cite my sources formally and informally where appropriate.

Sure experts conduct original research, apply the scientific method rigorously, and use statistics to make sense out of data – and I do not do any of those things. But I do believe that opinions and insight from someone who actually lives with a condition can be just as important. A part of me wants to make this discussion as easy to read and casual as possible, but an oppositional part wants to be on the defense attempting to prove myself able.

I do make some educated guesses and analogies on some controversial issues, but they are only momentary muses that I have. I do not want anyone to take offense on a suggestion because he or she believes it to be unsound or “dead wrong.”

Other caveats

Everything I present here is accurate to my knowledge. (My opinions, of course, are debatable.) The one exception is that no, Michelle is not my real name, and I choose Michelle to be my alias for a specific reason. I am a shy, reserved person and I value my privacy and hope that readers can respect that. Admittedly, I like to be adventurous using written language but in “real life” I am not nearly as argumentative but rather quite the opposite. Also, there are other various names I changed due to privacy reasons or simply because I could not remember them.

I do not have any conflicts of interest or any sponsors to disclose. I created this site strictly for educational, nonprofit purposes. Readers are free to use any of my writings, but the only thing I ask is that you mention where you got the information. In addition, everything I say should be taken “as is.”

Closing Statements

I dedicate this website to my 6 year old cousin who clearly has all the symptoms of SCT. Hopefully when she is my age there will be better treatments developed. I also hope that readers find this website beneficial in learning more about ADD without hyperactivity.

  1. Unknown original source, but I would like to know where this quote came form