Example SCT Symptoms Described By Dr. Barkely 1

  • Prone to daydreaming when you should be concentrating
  • Having trouble staying alert or awake in boring situations
  • Easily confused, easily bored, spacey, or in a fog
  • Lethargic, more tired than others
  • Underactive or having less energy than others
  • Does not seem to process
    information as quickly or as accurately as others.

Additional Symptoms

  • Social Withdrawl
  • Staring
  • Apathy
  • Strong correlation to internalizing disorders such as anxiety and depression
  1. Barkley, R. A. (2012). Distinguishing Sluggish Cognitive Tempo from Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in adults. Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, 121(4), 978-990. doi: 10.1037/a0023961

  • matte46m3

    This is an excellent website and I have all the features of this disorder, and its refreshing to see others have suffered from the same issues. i thought id share my general experiences with sct.
    All my life and especially as a child, life always seemed like an annoying interruption of my constant fantasies and daydreams I was always lost in. I was always called smart yet I got horrible grades throughout school (so the label went from smart to lazy)- as assignments were rarely turned in and tests never studied for. Math proved especially difficult for me. History was easier but my grades even at that suffered owing to my missed assignments. I would sit down to do homework but instead get lost in dreams. remembering things and keeping track of important items was a challenge as i seemed lose everything. Tasks given to me were rarely performed well and many were not performed at all. I was always lost in my own head as a kid and everything from homework to playing with friends or baseball practice were not as satisfying as daydreaming.
    My parents didnt understand why i was so lazy, unmotivated, disorganized and disrespectful to my belongings. Why i endlessly procrastinated and lied about grades in school or completing responsibilities. My dad is a super successful corporate lawyer who is beyond organized and a few years back when i suggested a clinical cause to my excessive lacksadasical avoident tendencies he just couldn’t grasp it and couldnt fathom why i couldnt just get organized and motivated. To his credit he always offered any help he found appropriate for my issues yet i couldnt help but think he saw me as a spoiled and unmotivated kid manipulating him for financial help. This is a man who put himself through NYU law school driving cabs and still graduated top of his class.
    I was painfully shy throughout childhood but over the years found ways to overcome shyness and make friend despite my urges to hide away from people. By the time i entered college i had become proficient enough at socializing that i became popular and amassed a large group of friends, but was hopeless and still incredibly shy with the opposite sex. It took a while to begin dating and being comfortable around women. Class work and maintaining attention and focus through lectures was a mostly hopeless cause although I found borrowing friends adhd meds could help me cram right before finals and make up for any lost assignments, allowing me to just barely pass most classes.
    Since college, ive overall become more centered in reality and am more aware of responsibilities, deadlines and commitments and have become better st not losing my keys, wallet etc. Every day. daydreams and fantasies have subsided some but as ill detail below this varies depending on my life situation at the given time. I take adderall which does help overall. Ive had periods of holding good jobs and generally “having my shit together” alternated with periods of apathy, depression, substance abuse, dependence on help from family to afford basic needs and a regression back into internal fantasy, likely as a coping mechanism. Right now i happen to be in a somewhat stagnant time but have luckily learned to avoid toxic coping tools like drugs and alcohol. but daydreaming is always present as a coping tool. Right now, for example, much of the daydreams revolve around hockey, imagined fantasy scenarios of my favorite team winning the Stanley cup or even creating fictional players in my head and ascribing entire careers to them including year to year statistics. Oddly i am not an athletic or jockish type of person and am much more into music than sports. it is something; the ongoing detailed fantasies about somewhat arbitrary things, I find slightly embarrassing and dont tell people. my fiance has caught me creating made up stats for a fictional player born from my imagination on an excell app on my phone and while she doesnt exactly understand it, at least she realized of all shady or secretive things i could be doing on my phone she caught me with the most benign nerdy phone vice. And besides, i’m pretty convinced that she has this disorder as she too was a shy introverted kid always lost in thought. its great because she gets me, it takes some of the pressure of not working, since her giving me a hard time would add stress to something i still would not.get done in a timely matter. we don’t get mad at each other when one of us is uncomfortable and avoids making a phone call or doing a similar task, instead stepping in to do it for the other person. I lost the keys to a van we had recently gotten and she didn’t give me a hard time over it. there are downsides, you can imagine the things we mutually shrug off and avoid, and it wont shock to know we have horrendous credit scores. i live mostly off of help from my parents with whom im otherwise estranged from. and yet two years ago i owned a very profitable business that i had started. i sold my half of interest in the company for a handsome profit with which i planned to use to seed other start ups. Instead the money went to things I no longer own. Cars that got towed that i let fees pile up on and couldn’t afford to recover, and when i was evicted from my home (for not paying rent..despite having had then money when rent was due) I never went back for the tens of thousands dollars worth of belongings, the fruits of my labor with my business, and ended up sleeping with my fiance and our two big dogs in a little m3 coupe for a spell, a car which would eventually be repoed (for not paying loan payment..despite having had the money when loan was due. and god how I loved that car, which is reflected in my user name) I also spent a significant portion of money trying to solve other peoples problems due to my inability to say no or confront people when i feel I am being taken advantage of.
    what’s odd is that while i cant muster the attention required for 30 min of job searching on CL, i taught myself this winter mostly from scratch how to play the guitar at a pretty high level. with no knowledge at all and being unable to strum simple songs, i set my sights on playing like John Mcglaughlin and endlessly practiced to improve dexterity and muscle memory and picking techniques while learning music theory. i still cant play simple three chord punk or folk songs but can improvise harmonically appropriate lines in key along to backing tracks and am learning when and how to play an appropriate scale or mode over a particular piece of music and using those scales to create melodic riffs. jazz and rock improvising is perfect for the way my mind works because after learning the basic rules and framework its all imagination and making things up as you go along. i had made previous attempts to learn guitar but lessons never worked for me and i was always told i had no ear for it and could never excell in guitar. this time i was able to tap into some hyperfocus id never previously found.